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Business aviation

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Would you like to travel to Edeis Troyes en Champagne Airport or arrange a customized trip departing from Edeis Troyes en Champagne Airport?

With our preferred partner, you can assess the cost of a personalized itinerary and have access to a wide selection of business aircraft for your journey, even on short notice. Our partner will also assist you in planning your trip to ensure an exceptional experience.

Our experts are available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and ensure smooth operations at all times.

Please note that the pricing estimates are subject to final aircraft availability and the necessary permits and time slots. The provided rates do not include potential overtime charges, de-icing, specific catering, or any additional services such as transfers.

Additionally, we offer helicopter sightseeing tours departing from Edeis Troyes en Champagne Airport.

Discover also our tourist helicopter flights