The Platform

The Airport

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In the context of the Public Service Delegation, the Mixed Syndicate of Troyes Barberey Airport delegated the development and management of Troyes en Champagne Airport starting from January 1, 2013, for a duration of 8 years. This delegation has been renewed until December 31, 2028.

The Mixed Syndicate and the operator Edeis work together to:

  • Improve the quality of service for airport users,
  • Control the impact of the activity on the local population,
  • Ensure a high level of security for all platform users,
  • Explore all possibilities for the airport to be a tool serving the region.

Located 10 minutes from the historic center of Champagne and a region with multiple cultural, tourist, and leisure attractions, Troyes en Champagne Airport is open year-round and offers a variety of services and amenities to its users. On-site restaurant, nearby hotels and downtown, car rental with pick-up at the airport, catering...

Discovering Champagne by plane, a pleasure to be enjoyed without moderation!